The App-constructor

Hex-mapped apps are constructed using a tool called the App-constructor
Most of a hex-mapped app is a bunch of C functions
The App-constructor tool is a way to write these functions and manage them.
It outputs a single .cpp file which it builds and runs using the GNU toolchain.
Currently it is built using a cross-platform library -- wxWidgets
Later, we plan to produce an App-constructor for Swift/Cocoa on OSX.

The App-constructor broadly consists of
A boilerplate .cpp file that contains all of hex-map's base implementation.
A UI to add and edit UIModes or pages into the base app.
This UI includes pages to add and edit C functions.
The designer adds a UIMode or page, then edits its contents
which includes writing code to achieve the desired UI behavior.
The code written into the UI is inserted into the boilerplate .cpp file
at appropriate points in that file
to create a buildable .cpp file.
The app-constructor provides mechanisms to pull up functions from line-numbers
for the build error removal process.
It is similar in function to an IDE but within its far simpler app design context.
It also serves to showcase the hexmapped UI to an app designer.

We plan to have it operational by the end of this year.